Ali ibn Suwayd asked Imam al-Rida [A] about the ‘Ujb (self-conceit, vanity) that vitiates the quality of human deeds. Said the Imam (A):

“There are several levels of ‘ujb, one of them is when one’s bad qualities appear to him as good; he reckons them as good ones and congratulates himself imagining that he is performing virtues.

Another level of ‘ujb is represented by a person who believes in God and thinks that he has done a favour to God; whereas God Almighty has conferred a favour on him (by endowing him with faith)”.

—  (Usul al-Kafi, vol. II, p. 313). 

Syeda Fatima a.s said :

Allah made the faith for you as a purity from polytheism (& infidelity) ;

 And (made) service the cause of your getting distant (purification) from pride (egoism);

 And rendered fasting for the maintenance & firmness of your sincerity;

And Allah set Hajj for the consolidation & reinforcement of the religion;
 Allah executed & rendered justice for the sake of putting together & harmonization of the hearts;

And Allah set the subordination & obedience of us (the household of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) for the security of society’s system & our Imamate as a safety from segregation & disunity;

And (Allah made) Jihad (holy war), the honor & glory for Islam & abjectness & humbleness for the infidels & hypocrites;

 And (Allah rendered) patience as a help for getting reward;

And (Allah made) the kindness to parents as a protection (shield) to His wrath & displeasure;

And Allah made joining & connecting with the kinship & cognation, the cause of lengthening of life;

And Allah made law of retaliation (revenge for homicide) as the security of blood (from being shed);

And Allah executed the vow performing as a medium for forgiveness;

And (Allah rendered) prohibition from drinking wine the cause of taking distance from contaminations (evils);

And Allah prohibited polytheism for the sake of (bringing about) sincerity in (His) adoration & worship;

Ya Zahra  a.s

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said to Fatima (SA), “what is the thing which is a blessing for a women?”
She said that, “she must not see a man (stranger & not intimate) & a man must not see her”.
— Ya Zahra a.s
There is no drop more loved by God than a teardrop that falls in the dark of the night from fear of God, meant solely for him and no one else. — Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A.S.)

Imam Reza a.s said :

The miser does not have any comfort ;

Tthe jealous not have any joy & felicity

The kings/rulers do not have faithfulness & trust worthiness ;

The liar does not have any forbearance;

السلام عليك ياعلي۴ بن موسى۴ الرضــــــــــــا۴

Imam Reza a.s said:

” Some women are blessings for their husbands who express their love and affection “
السلام عليك ياعلي۴ بن موسى۴ الرضــــــــــــا۴

Imam Jaffar Sadeq’s (a.s) reply to a question:

Once when a person asked Imam Sadeq (AS) to give a rationally convincing proof of God, he said: Have you ever boarded a ship?. The man said yes.
The Imam said: 
Were you caught in a storm at sea with no hope of being rescued? He replied in the affirmative. The Imam then said, the power that saved you from certain death and destruction is God when there was no hope of survival.

اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ 

Karbala’ to Kufa :

Bibi Zainab a.s said:
“ And well may you weep, O people of Kufa! The crime which you committed against your Prophet was so great that the skies shook, the earth trembled, and mountains crumbled down! You have killed your Imam, and by doing so lost your shelter against hardship, evil and kufr! His blood stains your souls. Nothing can protect you from the anger of Allah for having killed the son of the last of His prophets! ”

The prisoners were brought before ibn Ziyad. Shaikh al-Mufid (A.R.) reports that ibn Ziyad sat on his throne and in front of him was the head of Imam Husayn. He frequently poked the face with his cane. An old companion of the Holy Prophet, Zayd bin Arqam, was in the court and when he witnessed this indignity being inflicted on the head of Imam he cried out :
“Take your cane away from those lips! By Allah I have seen the lips of the Apostle of Allah on those lips! ”


Ibne Ziyad became very angry by the young Imam’s bravery. He ordered his soldiers to kill the Imam. Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S). 

"Do you frighten me with death, O Ibne Ziyad? Don’t you know that to be killed is our tradition and martyrdom is an honour from Allah?"


The Imam was to remember this incident for the rest of his life. With tears in his eyes he used to say “In Sham (Damascus) we were insulted and treated like we were slaves whose master was not there (to protect them)” They were then put in prison.

Yezid would regularly call Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S) to insult him in front of the public.  Imam turned to him and said,

"Be ashamed of yourself, you evil speaker. With your words you have displeased Allah so as to please people".

Then the Imam (A.S) asked Yezid to let him talk to the people. Yezid refused to do so. The people of Syria, however, forced Yezid to allow the Imam to go on the Mimber.

Once on the Mimber, Imam Zainul Abidin first praised Allah and His Messenger and said :

"O listeners I Allah has given us (Ahle Bart) six things which no one else has. He has given us special Wisdom, Patience, Dignity, Power of speech, Courage and Respect. He gave us special benefit of belonging to the family of his Prophet. To us belong Hamza and Jafar. To us belong Asadullah (The lion of Allah, Imam Ali (A.S)). To us belong the leader of the youths of paradise (Imam Hassan (A.S) and Imam Husain (A.S).

" Those who blow me, know me. Those who do not, then know that I am the son of Mecca and Mina. I am the son of Zamzam and Safa. I am the son of he who gave Zakat to the poor. I am the son of the best of those who have ever put on Ihram and performed ceremonies of Hajj. I am the son of he who was taken on the night journey from house of Allah to the Mosque of Aqsa and then to Miraj. I am the son of he who was taken around by Gibrael to the Lote-tree of the boundary (Sidratul Muntaha).

"I am the son of Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.WW). I am the son of Ali Al-Murtaza who fought the polytheists in the battle till they submitted to Islam and fought in the presence of the Prophet until his sword was broken and to whom Zulfikar was given. I am the son of he who had the honour to migrate twice in Islam. I am the son of Fatima the best women of the world…".

The effect of the speech was so powerful that everybody in the Mosque began to weep and to blame Yezid. Yezid was afraid that if the Imam continued his speech, there would be a revolution. At the same time Yezid could no more stop the Imam and get him down from the Mimber.

He therefore ordered a “Muazzin” to give Azan, knowing that this would automatically cut the Imam’s speech. But he underestimated the Imam , s bravery and intelligence.
The Imam stopped his speech but did not get down from the Mimber.

When the Muazzin said ” Allahu Akber” the Imam testified Allah’s greatness. When the Muazzin said, “Ash hadu anna Muhammaddan Rasulullah”, the Imam stopped the Muazzin from going any further.

He then turned to Yezid and asked him.

"Tell me o Yezid, was Muhammad (S.A.W W) your grandfather or mine? If you say he was your grandfather it will be an open lie and if you say he was my grandfather then why have you killed his son and imprisoned his family? Why have you killed my father and brought his women and children to this city as prisoners?"

Yezid had no reply to give.The effect of this was to turn Syrians against Yezid. Everyone of them now found out about Yezid’s crimes that he had committed against the Prophet (S.A.W W) and his family.

They began to blame him and ask for the release of Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S) and the womenfolk of the house of the Prophet. Yezid was now afraid that if he did not act fast his ruler-ship would be lost from him. He therefore freed Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S) and let. him return to Medina with full honour and respect.


Having spent not less than one year in the prison of Yezid in Damascus, Imam Zainul Abidin returned to Medina. On reaching Medina, he camped outside the town and let the people of Medina know that he was back. When people came to meet him, without fearing the governor of Kufa, he let people know of all the injustices that were done to the family of the Prophet.

Dressed in mourning dress, he sat on a chair and addressing the people of Medina, he said,

“‘Praise be to Allah at all times. He gave us strength to bear great hardships. A great loss has taken place in Islam. My father, Aba Abdillah, his dear ones and his friends have been killed. His women and children were taken as prisoners. My father’s head was cut and put on the edge of a spear and paraded from one Islamic city to another.

"O people! We were treated like we were non- Muslims and Kafirs, although we had committed no crime or sin and had not in any way wronged Islam. By Allah! If the Prophet of Allah had ordered them to fight against us, they would still have done nothing more than what they did".

25th Moharram, Martyrdom of Imam Ali bin Hussein (Zain ul Abedin a.s) Imam Zainul Abideen (a.s) in Madina-:

Once a visitor named Noman came to Imam(a.s.) and asked him which was the most difficult time he had to face and the Imam (a.s.) cried for a long time and three times said :”AS-SHAAM AS-SHAAM AS-SHAAM”

یا حسین مظلوم لبیک یا حسین لبیک یا حسین لبیکـ یا حسین

Verily, for the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S) there shall be a heat in the hearts of the Momineens that shall never subside.

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w).

Ya Imam Hussain (A.S) Ya Mazloom-e-Karbala (A.S)

BiBi Zanaib (a.s) Khutba in Darbar Yazeed  ( L.A )

Bibi a.s asked Yazeed  (L.A ) : Yazid speak the truth!

Was Muhammad my grandfather or your grandfather! ” ??

Ya Ummul Masaib (a.s)

Imam Hussain (a.s) last words ;
هل من ناصر ينصرنا هل من معين يعيننا هل من ذاب عن حرم رسول الله صلى الله عليه واله

Is there anyone to help me? Is there anyone to support me? Is there any defender to defend the Household of the Messenger of Allah.

That was the call of Husayn ibn ‘Ali, the grandson of the Holy Prophet (S) on the day of Ashura, year 61 A.H. (which coincides with October 9th, 680 A.D.) after all his family members and close companions were killed on the plains of Karbala

(Ya Lisarat UL Hussain (A.S) “ Revenge on the killers of Al-Husayn)


هل من ناصر ينصرنا

” هل من ناصر ينصرنا هل من معين يعيننا هل من ذاب عن حرم رسول الله صلى الله عليه واله”

Is there anyone to help me? Is there anyone to support me? Is there any defender to defend the Household of the Messenger of Allah?

That was the call of Husayn ibn ‘Ali, the grandson of the Holy Prophet (S) on the day of Ashura, year 61 A.H. (which coincides with October 9th, 680 A.D.) after all his family members and close companions were killed on the plains of Karbala.

Did Imam Husayn (as) get any response? Did anyone answer his call? Did anyone even bother to quench the thirst of his infant baby?

Sadly there was no answer, no response, no support, and no water! The only reaction he got was a shower of arrows, spears, and stab wounds!

The departed souls of his close companions and family members could only watch sorrowfully from the heavens as they wished to return back in human form once again to sacrifice themselves in his defense!

Their utmost pleasure was not in Paradise, but in giving their blood and body parts out of love to their divinely appointed Leader. And the souls that were not yet created regretted not being alive on this day to offer a helping hand or a cup of water, or at least bury his trampled, and headless body.

Imam Husayn (as) was left alone on the day of Ashura without anyone to help him and he met his fate with full submission and surrender to His Lord.

This everlasting call of Husayn in Karbala is not specific to the day of Ashura in 61 A.H. but it is a call resonating everyday till the end of time. This plea is not only directed to those present in the battlefield in Karbala; it is aimed for all of us today as well as future generations to come. The universal message of Imam Husayn (as) is echoing beyond the plains of Karbala…so long as there is oppression and injustice in this world, his mission to fight injustice and oppression will eternally live. It was Imam Husayn (as) and his family who sacrificed all they had for the sake of upholding the truth!

• We recite in our Ziyarah to Imam Husayn (as),

يَا لَيْتَنَا كُنَّا مَعَكُم فَنَفُوزُ فَوْزاً عظيماً

We wish we were with you and so we would have won the greatest victory!

Murderers of Imam a.s perpetrated and committed multitude of heinous crimes in this catastrophe which has no like in the history of mankind, whether in the past or the future. In the order of their criminal offense starting with the chief delinquent, their names are: Yazid ibn Muawiya, Ubaidullah Ibn Ziyad, Umar ibn Sa’d, Shimr Ibn Dhil Jawshan, and Hurmala ibn Kahel (may Allah deprive them of His Mercy).

They are the wicked villains who tainted their hands with the purified blood of the most righteous one on earth during their time, the grandson of the Holy Prophet (S), Husayn ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)!

The crimes they committed are not like any other crimes. And the victims in this case are not like any other victims. Hence, their status as criminals and offenders is certainly not like any other criminal and offender!

They surely deserve to be condemned, convicted, and sentenced at the very least like any other criminal and much more!

Quite surprisingly and unfortunately, we still find in the Muslim world today those who give regards and respect to the killers of Imam Husayn (as). We find those who defend them with the pretext that they are among the ‘companions’. We find those who refuse to condemn their actions and instead blame the victims. We find those who equate the perpetrators of the tragedy of Ashura with any wrong-doer who simply made a ‘mistake’ and have ‘repented’.

We find those who intentionally try to hide the facts of history and drive the spotlight away from the truth. We find those who belittle what happened in Karbala to protect certain political figures, perhaps out of fear for their own personal interests and material gain.

There is an inclination among some people to mix the good and bad forces in the same pot hoping for a chemical reaction to yield a good product. What they don’t realize is the mathematical law which dictates that positive multiplied by negative equals nothing but negative! One cannot equate Husayn (as) with Yazid (LA)1 or ‘Ali (as) with Muawiya (LA)!

As stated in the Holy Quran:

قُلْ لَا يَسْتَوِي الْخَبِيثُ وَالطَّيِّبُ

“Say, the evil and the good are not equal…” (5:100)

Hence, we cannot claim to bear love of Husayn and ‘Ali in the same heart which bears love or leniency towards Yazid and Muawiya! The result is clear hypocrisy which leads to none other than absolute darkness and misguidance.

we recite in Ziyarat Ashura,

…طَلَبَ ثَارِي مَعَ إِمَامِ هُدىً ظَاهِرٍ نَاطِقٍ بِالْـحَقِّ مِنْكُمْ،…

I ask Allah to provide me the opportunity to fight for justice and seek your vengeance under the leadership of the rightly-guided leader in your progeny who will surely come and speak the truth….

We know that divine justice will ultimately be established by the Absolute Justice and the Almighty Creator on the Day of Judgment. But in the meanwhile, it is our responsibility as human beings to set the stage for establishing justice in this life to the best of our ability till the reappearance of the awaited Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance) who will fill the earth with justice and equity after it has been filled with tyranny and oppression.

Without justice and punishment of the oppressors this world will surely turn into a jungle of beasts and predators and there will be no difference between animals and human beings!

Let us put an end to all words of praise and/or defense on these inhumane beasts! Let these five heartless criminals be placed in the filthiest garbage and trash of history …until the awaited Mahdi and chosen Imam of our Time (may Allah hasten his reappearance) resonates his call:

Ya Lisarat UL Hussain (A.S)

Ya Lesarat UL Hussain Aleh Salam

يا لثارات الحسين عليه السلام
Vengeance for the Blood of Hussain (A.S)
O Avengers of Blood of Hussain (A.S)
Ya Lisarat UL Hussain (A.S)

السلامُ عَلَيكَ يا حُجة بقية الله عليه السلام
يا لِثارات الحُسين عليه السلام
اے خون حُسین علیہ السلام کا انتقام لینے والو

يا لِثَارَات الحُسَيْن

“Revenge on [the killers of] Al-Husayn!”

Whether we are Muslim or non-Muslim, black or white, rich or poor…

Let us ALTOGETHER answer to the universal call of Imam Husayn (as) on Ashura with words that are complemented by actions!

Let us call out in our loudest of voices which transcends time and space, “Yes my Master Husayn, we are here with you and we jump to your support which is driven by our utmost love and devotion to you!”

Let us say to our beloved leader from the bottom of our grieving hearts, “Oh Husayn, you didn’t have any helper on the day of Ashura and we wish that we were there with you on that dreadful day…but here we are today revisiting the plains of Karbala with our swords unsheathed against your enemies!”

The journey for Imam Zain ul Abideen (a.s) and Zainab Binte Ali (a.s) has begun, from Karbala To Kufa and Kufa to Syria:

At Karbala when Bibi Zainab (a.s) reached Tila Zainnabia ,she saw Shimrr (L.A) sitting on Imam Hussain’s chest ,she started crying :

" Qutelal Hussayna-be-Karbala 

Zubehal Hussayna-be-Karbala “

یا حسین مظلوم لبیک یا حسین لبیک یا حسین لبیکـ یا حسین